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Company: MathSoft (www.mathsoft.com)

Price: $199.95 (academic)

User Comments:

“The graphics package I use is Axum 4.1, which is now distributed by MathSoft. It runs on all Windows platforms since 3.1. The current version is Axum 5.0. It is a 32 bit program, and can run under Windows 3.1 or Win95. Axum 4.0 files can be read by Axum 5.0, but not vice versa. The academic, single-unit price of Axum 5.0 is $199.95. It is also part of the Professional version of MathCad 7.

I have been quite happy with Axum 4.1 as a technical graphics program. After having used both it and Origin, I find I prefer Axum.

The way I use Axum is to bring up the graph in Axum, copy it to the clipboard, and paste it into my EXP document. These operations are very straightforward. (I presume it goes in as a Windows metafile). Finally, I crop and size the graph in EXP. In my experience, this approach has been easy to implement and yields documents of excellent visual quality that are well adapted to camera-ready publication.

The main work is to create the graph, as there are many decisions to be made to arrive at the desired result. Axum has reasonably good tools for accomplishing this task.”