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How do I position text over a graphic?

Here are two techniques for doing this:

Overstrike the graphic with a table: Insert the graphic; insert a Strike box; insert a table; and finally, turn off all the table’s borders (set each border’s type to “None” in the Table Entry Formatting dialog box). EXP will position the table over the graphic. You can insert rows and columns in the table as necessary to position the text. You may need to adjust the spacing and distance values in the Table Formatting dialog box to achieve the desired results.

Use Hmove and Hrule codes: Insert the graphic; insert an Hmove code with a negative distance that is relative to the “Current Position” to move the cursor to the left; insert an Hrule code with a width of 0, a depth of 0, and a height equal to the desired vertical position of the text above the bottom of the graphic; insert a Roof box; and finally, type the text into the Roof box. For an example of this technique, download and examine the following sample document:

GraphicOverlay1.wxp   (39 KB; requires EXP 5.0.2 or later)